Just Curious …

… so I thought I’d pose the question to you multiple choice style.  It’s your turn to muse:

Tiger Woods’ actions/issues/ordeal have me   …

a)     … mesmerized, riveted, communal voyeurism at its best – can’t wait to see surveillance tape!

b)    … convinced the bigger we build ’em up, the harder they fall.    

c)     … sorry for Tiger and his family, and can we now move on?

d)    … bored. Been there, seen it.  Someone please give a heads up when he’s back on the links.

Feel free to give your answer in essay form.  The most creative wins a personalized answering machine message from Tiger Woods.


3 Responses

  1. My thoughta and prayers are with the WoodS Family.

    Move on.

  2. The bigger they are the harder they fall. There are few athletes who are real men and fathers that our children can look up to, obviously Tiger is no longer one of them.

    Lets move on.

  3. Its no one’s business if Tiger Woods was having an affair and what people fail to realize is that athletes are human, and human’s are not perfect. He should have used better judgement and weighed what he has at stake before cheating like all men do and thinking he could really get away with it. I hope the situation between he and his wife can be fixed and that he will work on earning her trust and putting his marriage back together.

    As for Jamie Grubbs, her comments show her stupidity and naivety….How can she possibly think that Woods can forgive her for blabbing to the press and hoping they can be still be friends? She should get a life and forget about him. Obviously she thought she had something to gain by doing so.

    Woods is a supreme athlete and will rebound from this, just like Koby Bryant and other celebrites that have “strayed along the way.”

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