Code Blue

Somebody call President Obama.  We have a case of a police officer acting “stupidly”. 

 Hollywood Police Sergeant Dewey Pressley apparently orchestrated a cover up, reconfiguring the facts of a car wreck caused by his fellow officer to instead blame it on the young woman whose car he rear-ended.  After all, who (and what court) would ever believe the words of a 23-year old woman against a team of police officers sworn to uphold the law, to protect and serve? 

But that’s not the stupid part.  That’s the despicable, shameful and possibly criminal part.

 Except, uh-oh, there’s the tape.  Video and audio. 

 “… if I need to bend it a little to protect a cop, I’m gonna.”

 The voice of Sgt. Pressley,  21-year police veteran, taking charge.

 “I will tell you exactly how to word it so it can get him off the hook.”

 The sergeant didn’t know, didn’t realize, didn’t think to check that the dashboard camera and microphone were still on, recording his conspiracy. 

Duh.  Maybe logistics isn’t his thing.

 Acting stupidly isn’t a crime.  But perjury is.  So are fraud and conspiracy.

 I so admire the bond police officers have with each other, no matter what the department.  It’s the kind of bond forged between professionals who have chosen a life of public service even at potentially great risk to themselves. 

 But “I have your back” is far different than “I’ll throw someone else in front of the bus”.


3 Responses

  1. This sort of behavior only makes Obama and Prof Gates responses and reactions a little more clearer.

  2. This type of bad behavior is rampant throughout several police departments. Look at BSO. I fear the police … seriously. They can say and do whatever they want. They have the gun and they have the badge. It’s funny that the Public Defenders appears so shocked at the impication that an officer would actually fabricate a story. Surprise. Surprise. It would be daring to investigate the stories I’ve heard of police harrassment which is pretty common in Cooper City and Davie.

  3. how conveniently we all seem to forget this fine young lady was very very DUI at the time of the incident; perhaps she would have never been there had she been more prudent and respectful of herself and those of the driving public nearby her at the very moment; but note we rush to focus and condemn what we opine are the bad cops of any given day—–we seem to have lost our keeness and ability to understand both sides of an issue/

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