Bloody Monday

Put aside, for a moment, the ongoing debate over whether broadcast news is too crime heavy. This isn’t about that.

That said, “This just in…”

The first seven minutes of tonight’s newscast involves shootings.

Subtract time allocated for weather, sports and commercials, and about half tonight’s broadcast is devoted to guns fired in our community and the bloody, horrific aftermath.

Doesn’t that shock your senses? Shouldn’t it?

Today’s bullet points:
* A man with a gun walked into a Wendy’s in West Palm and fired randomly, fatally.
* A convict with a gun shot a rookie officer in the south end of Miami-Dade County.
* A man with a gun murdered a cabbie in Miami Springs.

If you want to go back a few days, you can include the student at Norland High School grazed by the ear, the carjacking victim in Opa-locka shot in the head, the North Dade teacher who might have been shot if a student’s gun didn’t jam.

Every one of these people were going about their day on familiar streets, in popular restaurants, and neighborhood schools with what we can increasingly consider a false sense of safety.

Because, with all due respect to the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” crowd, something is trending terribly wrong.

PS- As I look for the “send” button to post this entry, my colleagues on the assignment desk are calling out news of a shooting at a house in Miami Gardens…


One Response

  1. Well, I guess we know where you stand on guns.

    Do you even know why we were given the right to bear arms? Do you really know?

    Don’t say hunting please.

    You seem a bit ignorant when you sum the guns issue as the old “people kill people” cliche.

    We don’t tell journalists that they should lose their free speech rights when they abuse the truth or get the facts wrong do we? And that happens quite frequently.

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