A little diversion from news musings today to share a little personal breaking news…

Today, I officially become the mother of a teenager! (I’m still wondering how that’s possible, when I still feel like one.)
My seatbelt is duly buckled for the expected bumpy ride.

A friend of mine once told me, “Boys wreck your house; girls wreck your mind.” So, with one daughter an official teenager and one an official pre-teen, I hover daily on the verge of a nervous breakdown, somewhere between mania and catatonia.

Ok, not really.

Ok, sometimes. But I try not to let it show.

Here’s my headline of the day, one that will not be news to those who have been doing this parent-thing far longer than I have:
Raising good, happy, healthy (body, mind AND soul) children is not easy in the current culture we’ve created.

I’ve learned, am still learning, some of the most profound life lessons in my effort to be a good parent.
I’ve learned that they will talk if you listen.
I’ve learned they will listen if you talk, even if they appear not to.

On my auspicious occasion, I raise a glass to all who are muddling through parenthood, figuring out day-by-day how to mold a human being while still becoming one in the process.

Oh and in that glass, cabernet would be good.


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