Unhappy Anniversary

How’s this for the cruelest of ironies:
That ten-year federal ban on assault rifles that expired three years ago?

The expiration date was September 13, 2004.

Thursday, the day a murderous criminal with an assault rifle sprayed a fatal barrage from that AK-47 at a team of Miami-Dade officers, marked the anniversary of the day 19 types of semi-automatics and assault rifles once again became legally available.

Before sitting down to write this, I went back and read and reread the Second Amendment. I studied it with all the objectivity I could muster (which is usually in good supply).
Then I read Fred Thompson’s comments this morning he made over cafecitos.
Then I heard in my head that tired refrain: “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.


People with guns kill people.
People without guns kill fewer people.
People with guns kill people more easily, more quickly and from more of a distance than people without guns.
People with semi-automatic guns kill people who happen to be in general vicinity of where they spray bullets.

Four Miami-Dade officers would have likely gone home to their families Thursday if guns were not so obtainable. So would have BSO Deputy Chris Reyka. So would have about a dozen other South Florida police officers, including my college friend Scott Rakow whose funeral I had to cover as a rookie reporter.

And while we’re at it, so would have countless children.


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