Lost in Translation

Even his address wasn’t an easy answer.

Rafael Izquierdo took the better part of an hour to provide DCF’s attorney with his street address in Cabaiguan, Cuba. I’m still not sure why that is, as he lives in a home, it’s on a street, and he can get mail there.

Maybe something is lost in translation? Rather, it seems the Cuban father trying to win custody of his daughter took the stand convinced that every question was meant to trick him. He’s not far from wrong. No doubt DCF is trying to catch him in lies.

Remember, the girl’s mother has spent the last five days lying under oath, then insisting that Izquierdo’s attorneys conspired – and involved them in fabricating years’ worth of letters and photos to support a story that Izquierdo has kept in touch with his daughter from Cuba. Attorney Ira Kurzban objects to the accusations at every opportunity.

After Izquierdo’s address was nailed down, he spent the rest of the day explaining two letters in evidence: they are his handwriting, they are not his handwriting, they are his more educated sister’s handwriting because she helped him craft correspondence. Not exactly clear and credible.

There was a photo of the little girl (she turns 5 on Saturday) with a new bicycle referenced in one of the letters Izquierdo says he wrote in spring 2004. Apparently she didn’t have the bike until her foster parents gave it to her for Christmas 2006. Izquierdo says he was writing about a different picture, but couldn’t explain which.

The custody case has been usurped by a once-unfathomable but increasingly credible probe into whether two of South Florida’s most well-known veteran litigators schemed to skew evidence.

But does that make a Cuban farmer an unfit father? Or just a desperate one?


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