True Lies

In case you missed my report today, here’s a recap:

The witness who lied under oath, then lied about lying, then lied about lying that she lied… well, she lied again.

Then she said she didn’t.

I think.

During this, her fourth day on the stand, Elena Perez again admitted to skewing her testimony, intending to lead the judge to eventually award custody of her young daughter to the girl’s Cuban father. Aside from her reasoning (if I may use that term loosely), Perez has now knowingly perjured herself (how many times?) under oath. And we know she knows that full well, because she returned from lunch break that first day on the stand and told the judge her attorney had taught her what “perjury” means. She was worried that she was already in trouble. But an exasperated, frustrated judge, took on a cajoling, maternal tone, assured Perez no one was looking to get her in trouble, implored her to feel comfortable and safe in telling the truth and help the court make the best fact-based decision for her little girl’s future. And Perez said she would.

And then for the next three days she lied again, lied about lying, and then lied about lying that she lied.

I think.

So you have to wonder at what point the judge says “basta ya” and calls the state attorney to consider charges. And you have to wonder whether this case will become some sort of precedent for leniency with other people who take the oath to tell the truth and then don’t.

The scary part is Perez may, at some point, tell the truth. Maybe she already has.


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