Noir, Nightly

I had a bloody good time last night. Torture, shootings, mutilations, rivers of red – horribly entertaining.

It was the Gablestage production of Martin McDonagh’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore, noir-dark and pointedly funny.

Plenty has been written about the production locally and on Broadway, so I’ll leave the critique to the critics. But less is written about this gem of a theater (so intimate, even the back row feels inside the actors’ space), symbiotically attached to the east side of the Biltmore Hotel. Presiding over the magic is Artistic Director and loveable guy Joseph Adler.

I’m drawn to people with a passion. Joe is just plain passionate about how theater can elevate a community. Every production I’ve seen at Gablestage (some more enjoyable than others) provokes, challenges and lures you ever-so-subtly out of your comfort zone.

Joe isn’t content to merely push the envelope. He propels it over the edge.

I usually pass on violence – even the “artistic” sort a la the Coen Bros. or Tarantino. Frankly, I see enough of the real thing in this line of work.
But The Lieutenant of Inishmore is mortifyingly fun, right down to the “blood” smeared, spattered and sloshing all over the set. (Hello, housekeeping?)

It’s Gablestage’s season finale, playing another two weeks. The new six-play season opens in October.

I can’t wait.


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