Is there anyone out there who thinks South Florida teachers are paid enough?
Who wouldn’t think it divine justice if salaries for teachers and pro football players were switched?
My email inbox filled with letters from teachers from Broward County this week, as their union battled for more in their contract. No doubt, the people in the position to teach and inspire young minds (and play parent, at times, when the real thing doesn’t exist) deserve more than they make. Much more, really. But that frustration has been around since I was sitting in one of their classrooms.
Here’s what I haven’t seen: crowds of teachers, parents (and, well, people in general) descending on Tallahassee. They were there to yell about high insurance rates. They were there to protest high property taxes. Where are the shout-outs and sit-ins demanding Florida’s budget-makers to put more into the teacher salary column??
I have at least three friends and relatives, all bright, engaged professionals committed to kids, who quit teaching careers. They felt overworked, overstressed, underpaid and underappreciated. What if every teacher made that decision, switched careers, started businesses? What if the supply of quality teachers went away? Wouldn’t the demand go up? Wouldn’t salaries go up to lure in candidates? Where would that more money come from, the state?
Wouldn’t the best and brightest teaching professionals clamor for one of those highly-paid positions?
Oh, and memo to the Teachers: most of your emails had at least one, sometimes more, mistakes in spelling and/or grammar. How do I explain that one to my kids?


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