Satan, Maybe?

After spending most of the last 20 years in newsrooms (in Miami no less), I truly didn’t think there was much left that could surprise me.
Today I received an email from the High Priestess of the Church of Satan.
The concern was a report we’d done on a murder trial I’m covering this week. Some background: a man named Lazaro Galindo is a accused of killing and dismembering another man who loved the same woman as he – done, say prosecutors, as a human sacrifice. They found satanic drawings in his home, recounted a confession during which he said a spirit inside him directed him to kill, etc. Galindo, for the record, says he didn’t do it. He did, sort of, explain to the jury what he believes and what he worships; I must admit I’m still not clear what his “religion” involves… I just do my best to present the facts and context of the court proceedings on our evening newscasts.
In her email to me, the High Priestess informs that the Church of Satan is an Inc. – “a legally-incorporated religious organization established in 1966”. There are “strict records”, that do not include any Lazaro Galindo as a member. There is an “ethical system and a code of behavior that does not include the acts of which Mr. Galindo stands accused.”
I responded to the HP by assuring her our reports are based on testimony and evidence presented in court, not about the actual Church of Satan, Inc. Still concerned, she wrote to ask that we mention Galindo is not affiliated with her law-abiding organization. So done.
And you know my curiousity was so peaked.
So tonight I spent some time perusing the Church of Satan, Inc. official website. Interesting reading. After all, good reporters should know a little bit about a lot of things. So I’ve officially added to my repertoire.
After 20 years in newsrooms, I still love surprises.


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