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This little item didn’t appear on many (if any) front pages this week, didn’t make top headlines, so I will share here – in case you missed it:

“Public Blames Media for Too Much Celebrity Coverage”

(Stop here for a moment and consider that statement)

That’s the title on survey results released late this week by the venerable Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Some details: 87% of those polled think celebrity scandals receive too much news coverage. More than half blame news people for deciding to cover it all.

Now, here’s the view from the newsroom:
The public wants too much celebrity coverage, watches for it incessantly. We have to provide it to them or they will turn to our competition to look for it.

What an interesting disconnect.

Oh, and also this week, Diane Sawyer (prominent network anchor, Wellesley-educated, award-winning journalist) unearthed the scoop that NR (who is about to be jailed, just like PH, for DUI) is pregnant.

This is MY column. I will not write about PH, NR, LL, OJ, ANS (may she rest in peace) or any sell-ebrities unless and until they cure cancer, broker peace, end poverty or at least say something charmingly witty and smart. I’m not holding out hope.


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