Richard Reid Didn’t Use Hairspray

Ok, help me with this one….

Lighters are now allowed on airline flights. You know, the lighters that were banned from flight after Richard Reid tried to light explosives in his shoe?
The Transportation Security Administration now finds it perfectly acceptable to allow the fire-starting tools aboard aircraft. But not my hairspray.

I heard about the cigarette lighter decision this week as I got off my fourth flight in nine days (with two more scheduled in the next few weeks). I’m out two cans of hairspray (a tool of the trade, by the way), each deemed dangerous at Miami and Washington D.C. airports, where vigilant TSA agents confiscated my aerosol hair management from my purse.

So let me get this straight. The people who protect us from terror in the air now say butane fire starters don’t pose enough of a danger for the amount of time and effort TSA agents take to look for and dispose of them. But some agents last spent a good seven minutes holding my half-full perfume bottle up to the light, discussing with supervisors whether the two ounces of liquid in the 3.4 oz. bottle was to be rejected as contraband and summarily thrown in the garbage.

Remember to stock those little sandwich baggies with all your shampoos, creams and gels. Dump the Starbuck’s and Evian. But feel free to bring right on through a small item with combustible materials that can create fire in a pressurized cabin at 36,000 feet. Gee, I feel so safe.


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